About Us

Welcome to A Peek to Wellness! We are so glad to have you here.

First things first. What are you looking for?

Do you want to:

  • achieve your ideal weight?
  • enjoy the foods you eat and not feel guilty?
  • learn how to deal with stress?
  • find a workout plan that speaks to you?
  • try yoga?
  • learn about coping strategies?
  • change your current lifestyle?
  • find any health and fitness tips?
  • do all of the above and more?

If you asked any of these questions, congratulations, you are in the right place. The internet is a huge place to find information, let us help you meet your aspirations.

Everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone wants to be happy.

Many people do not always have the time to dig around through overwhelming information. This blog holds those people in mind.

We take the time to carefully research our topics and share our findings to you. That way, you can spend less time searching, and more fulfilling your goals.

This is a blog for people who want to improve any part of their well-being.  In other words, whether you are seeking to change something in your life or you need something to keep you going, you have a place here.

Above all, our goal is the provide a community of people who desire to be a better version of themselves than they were yesterday.

Now, who are we?


We are a brother and sister duo who want to share our passion for learning about health and wellness. Just like you, we are average people who wanted to improve our lifestyles.

However, we never got them. This blog is our opportunity to take charge and actively change things. We also hope to share what we learn with others like us.

So, although we are not experts on a lot of these topics, we are people searching for the right kind of advice and tips too. We take our time to analyze the current articles and knowledge out there.

Many of our experiences are also things that we would love to share with you.

Then we bring all of that information back to you so that we can all grow together.

Introduction 1


Hello everyone! I’m Seun and I am the sister in this sister-brother duo.

Currently, I am in college pursuing a career in medicine (not an expert yet!). I have always struggled with my weight and eating the right foods.

Although I love science and majored in it, these classes caused me a lot of stress and anxiety. It took me a while, but I finally decided that nothing is going to change unless I do something myself.

Which brings me here. This is my opportunity to buckle down and find the information that I need in order to achieve my goals.

It is my pleasure and joy to share my discoveries with you all as well. So believe me, much of the information you will find in this blog is just as much for me, as it is for you.

Feel free to gobble them up.

I love to read and write. It is hard for me to announce my favorite book because it changes often.

There are so many books in the world and you want me to choose only one?

It’s the same when it comes to songs and music genres. According to Spotify, I am considered genre-fluid which I thought was interesting.

One day, I would love to see my favorite superhero characters from both DC and Marvel team up in a movie or two. Obviously, that seems like a pipe dream right now, but I will still hope.

Introduction 2


Hi everyone. My name is Segun and I’m the brother in this duo. I am proud to call myself a fitness freak.

Have you ever been interested in something that you could envision yourself doing for the rest of your life?

Well, that is what fitness is for me.

I truly believe fitness and overall wellness is a lifestyle that enables us to feel inspired, connected, and challenged with not only ourselves but for others.

So, I decided to start this blog. I want to learn the knowledge to invest and improve myself. I also want to help instill confidence in everyone who I come into contact with.

Whether it is playing or watching, I love basketball. Currently, I play on a college basketball team.

In the shower, I enjoy dancing and singing. Sometimes, I feel like I’m putting on my own concert.

Now, what?


First of all, thank you for making it this far. We really appreciate the time you have taken to learn about who we are, and why we are here. And we want to stay in touch.

Click on the link below to sign-up for our email list. There you will get access to more resources and more information.

Hope to see you around.